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I try to study English “junior high school level”

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Today, I went to my mother’s hospital. I stayed 2hours .

My mother kept sleeping, sometimes she said “I want spit.” But she couldn’t do it herself. So I taked care her.

I finished it, I was free. I tried to do my job. But I couldn’t concentrate . So I came up with a good idea.

“I study English now”

I think what can I do first? Listening? Writing? I searched internet , I started writing .

We study hard. But we can’t speak English. I think “ I must remind more words!”

But one blog site said, “ we have only 1500 words, and we have junior high school level. It’s enough. “


It said “ Native use 3000 words. We don’t have to use difficult word. It can be substituted easy word.”


For example, I don’t know “職業“ word. But I know “仕事” = job. I don’t know all words, but I can talk myself easy word! I find a job!!

So I study idioms, for junior high school level. I remember English, and I use every time. No high hurdle! Easy mode!

And “study” can’t continue. The fun continues. I like American dramas. These days I watch TV.

”Black List” is very exiting drama. I recommend it.

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